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Women of the Church

The church on a hill, shining forth for Jesus Christ

This group of women was organized on September 30, 1945 with the Pastors of Jacob’s Union Church, Jacksonville, Rev. C. R. Rahn and Rev. Leroy Bond. The name, “Women’s Missionary Guild of Jacob’s Union Church,” adopted at the second meeting, gave clear indication of the direction it would take and the priorities the members would recognize.

Their MISSIONS meant interest in and assistance to people of distant lands… and, also, to the Nation, the State, the Community, and to Jacob’s Church itself.

June 6, 1963, for that date, the Minutes began thus: “The business meeting of the Women’s Missionary Guild was opened…”

December 4, 1963, for that date, the Minutes began: “The monthly meeting of the Women of the Church was opened…” We conclude that somewhere in that period the present title was adopted.

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