8373 Kings Highway, New Tripoli, PA 18066

Jacobs Union Cemetery

The church on a hill, shining forth for Jesus Christ

Since its inception, Jacobs Union Cemetery Association has been the overseer of cemetery operations. Most churches in this area operate their cemeteries under this type of arrangement.

Board members must be members of the church and the board is required to meet at least once per year, with special meetings held as necessary.

The association maintains its own budget and is responsible for all costs incurred from cemetery operations.

The cemetery is noted for its beauty and serenity. The cemetery also provides insight into the history of the church and the community.

The Jacobs Union Cemetery Associates:

Curtis Staudt, Neil Oswald, Mary Ann Oswald, Lester Lutz, Gary Krick, Thomas Foulk, Bruce Dietrich

Jacobs Union Cemetery Association is committed to preserving the cemetery and the story it tells for this and future generations. “Precious memories, how they linger……”



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